It’s the string that makes the necklace

I made a limited edition of one issue of S P A C E for this week.

It’s not for sale. It’s not for digitizing. It’s not for sharing. It’s just for… me.

Sometimes it’s that simple.

Do what you want. 

Imagine. Wanting to do something just because you want to.

For yourself. Because that’s the point of it. Making the work you want to make because you just can’t… not. I think for me this is the driving motivation. Seeing the ideas others had had about questions I had in my heart, worked out on papers, and curated, and considered, reflected on, questioned, interpreted, and then, collaged. Into this zine. For 2022, the entire year, of writing and reading, editing and designing. Thinking, and also, feeling. Exactly what matters, and what does not. To me. What to care about, and what to let go. For me.

Like I said in Breakfast in Cambodia, (Kismuth Books / 2016), sometimes the next gems are around the next corner. But I have them all now in my collection. And I see the process of deciding to go, and going, and finding, and seeing, was the point of it all. So far. S P A C E is about discovery.

It’s the string, after all, that makes the necklace.


That’s my string.

S P A C E | ‘Discovery.’

Is edited, compiled.

For some of us, this is what ‘processing’ looks like. I’m done with ‘Lands on the Moon,’ and on to the next set of things. I like this. It feels good to hit ‘done’.


Choosing our choices

Lots of things to say about this.

I can share them.

A lot of left turns and here I am. Back to where I was, in this season of 2013, at the beginning of ‘the year of uncertainty’ that stretched on into a decade. Gosh. How does that happen? And yet, every decision was carefully considered. To stay, to go. To move, to shift gears. I changed Design Kompany many times in that time. I changed myself, many, many more.

Wherever you go, there you are.

That’s just one of the things I say a lot. Also: you don’ know what you don’t know. This process of discovering your way to the next was so hokey for so many back ‘home’, but now, people are asking me. How did you do this? How did you make your choices, and choose? I want to know your secret.

It’s not a secret at all. It’s very clear to me now that the process is the point of it. And the Mirror is my way of sharing my way of engaging with the process of discovering.

I put the tangible steps into worksheets. I strung the worksheets into an 8- or 12-week eWorkshop.

It’s not new. I first hosted it in 2014 in a past iteration called the Cojournal Project, through my writing site, which is Kismuth Books. Design Kompany is more hands-on and practical, with tools. So it’s now here, too. It’s The Mirror.

More at the link.