WRITTEN NOT LONG AGO, for the magazine column, ‘Kismuth & The Way’ that I do now every month is this one about going to Japan.

Here’s how it starts…


I am in Narita: as in Tokyo Narita, as in, right next to the airport. From the window of this hotel you can see the sun about to set behind a crop of trees: a scene that reminds me a lot of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

It’s so quiet here, right before I go, and I’ve found a moment to quickly jot impressions before going to meet the high school friend of my college friend, both of whom are waiting at a station a bus ride away. It’ll be good. Stern drinks this time instead of the sodas we used to share in rounds over in Kyoto and Washington D. C. at karaoke boxes years ago. We’ve all done a lot of growing up. Of course. Lucky to have longitudinal friendships, I realize, in these last few days: I’ve been catching up with some, here and there, these last few weeks. After all, it’s been eight years since I was last in Kanto, which is this side of Japan. 

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Photo: BOSS


21 May 2019