‘Life Traps’

For the first time, I am making on open call for submissions to the next zine in S P A C E, ‘Life Traps Part 2.’

OPEN CALL. If you think you want to submit a story for me to lay out in the zine, please let me know. You can use the form at the contact page. The best way to reach me is email as I don’t use social media or a smartphone. My zine is S P A C E, so that’s part of why. I need space, to make it.

That said, I always love to connect with other people who care about the art of writing and sharing stories that are from the heart. ‘Life Traps’ is quite an interesting topic that I landed on by accident, researching ‘schema therapy,’ for an upcoming story that has a psychology component to it. I was going to title this blog post, ‘Can we stop saying “unpack”?’ but that is so 2006 for me and in 2023, it’s different. It’s about other things. Like how we live and what we do, who is in our lives, and how we can relate to every one of these things more comfortably, more honesty, and with more quality.

Quality is the point of it. As S P A C E quests S P A C E.