Link | ‘Make it Loud’ by DNLD

One of DK’s close collaborators from our Atelier S P A C E adventures in Latvia and Poland is DNLD, a digital processing photographer whose work is featured on two past covers of S P A C E.

This first one is a photo DK took and sent to him, seeing if he wanted to change around the colors in the way that DK had seen him do, before, to other pics in other conversations, and wow, look at the color pop…


Says DK: ‘Working in the cloud together after I came back to Asia, I checked out some links. I really, really liked a bunch of Nils Don Sihvola‘s digital images. Especially the one pictured immediately above. The set of colorful pieces really fit something he and I had been talking about: post postmodernism. I did not know at the time that this was the topic, but it was. So, I asked if we could put it into a cover for one of the S P A C E issues, that was about Latvia.

‘So, that’s how it came into shape. ‘This is This’ (pictured above) was an issue that was made out of real life conversations with DNLD and others in the place where, honestly, I had no idea it was all gonna go from ‘interesting’ to ‘even more interesting than I could have ever imagined.’ Because of the 1990s music, mostly, but also, the jazz, the art, the story, the poetry, the bars, and also… did I say the bars? Oh, I did. I like to keep up with handfuls of people who I find extremely creative, so I know that DNLD is lately making stuff with sound.’

Here’s an example.


Enjoying it here, on a cloudy morning in the middle of Vietnam. Makes me feel connected to… another dimension…

HT NDS…(Keep em coming!)