Logo Design by Design Kompany: 6 steps for clear branding

It’s a six-step process to create a new logo for your company; there are certainly many other ways to get a logo, but Design Kompany’s series is a way to do this just once, and never look back, on ‘woulda’ ‘coulda’ or ‘shoulda’ because it will have come from a concept unique to the value you create for your customers.

I will talk about logo design just a few times, with some people who might ask. ‘Before that, I invite you to to let me ask you a couple of questions. May I ask, “What does it mean, though? What do you want it to say?’”

If we can start a conversation, we can really go places. Great designs come from great concepts, adn htose have to be smoothly arrived at by a guided conversation that gets to the heart of it. What does your business do for people, and why does that matter to them? Maybe you can ask them. Maybe I can ask for you. That’s part of the process. Getting to understand your audience(s), and make sure you know what they value, and why they choose to buy from you.

Not everyone has that clearly defined, of course, right at the start, but it’s still a good idea to ask the few people who are starting to become your clients, when you can, ‘What’s working well for you, with this relationship?’ Maybe they’ll say something you didn’t know about you. Others might, too. Soon, you’ll have a unique value proposition all clear and sound. From there, we’ll talk about yoru brand identity design.

What are the six steps?

  1. . Creative Brief – We’ll spell out the goals of our work together
  2. . Moodboard
  3. . Keywords
  4. . Concept Sketch Presentation
  5. . Design Development
  6. . Design Finalization

Some case studies are at the links you’ll find on our page listing out ‘Clients.’


Graphic design is more than just ‘a logo’

How do we know if we’re a fit?

Quite simple. If you like the process of being asked questions that make you think, it’ll work well.

When someone directs too much, like ‘Draw a house,’ then it’s not a fit for DK. But, if they ask me to keep asking questions, that’s what I do well, and usually after a few meetings, we have a solid idea of what the point is in making the brand identity design. Because that’s what it will be, by the end of our process. A brand identity design, not just a ‘logo’. A logo is part of it, but it’s not the whole thing.

What can a logo do for you? Maybe my answer to this is different in 2o24 than it would have been in 2006, when I set up Design Kompany. Now, where I live, so many people don’t even have their own website, so that’s not a thing. Marketing isn’t really much more than putting lots of posts on FB and people call it a day, which works for them, for what they’re doing. I think. I don’t know, I’m just oserving from the ambient sidelines here. Cambodia is changing a bit, though. I’m seeing some really neat and cool new designers coming up. on the scene, and it’s very inpsiring. I was hoping to see beautiful Khmer-classic style that was modern and clean, and so pretty. I am happy to have stayed long enough for this miniature upsurge in the world of graphic arts.

More to say about that in another post, or hopefully, an issue of S P A C E, if I can interview one of the people whose work caught my eye. In the meantime, generally, the idea of Design Kompany’s work with you to create a logo is mostly to help you think out what matters (unique value proposition), and why. This takes thought and the first thing that comes to your mind will not be the best idea. Usually forty ideas in, adn we’re on to something. It takes dialogue, and being clear, and getting more clarity as we go. It’s a conversation. But there are six steps.

So it’s a method, and a tool, too.

Ask me about Design Kompany’s logo design and brand message design services.


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