S P A C E is a weekly e-mag. Pictured above are a few issues left from the collection 2017-2021.



It’s a publishing project of DK’s Dipika Kohli. Papers is the interactive and creative ‘sandbox’, where you get to try out what it’s like to collaborate with people around the world. It’s interactive and it’s where we talk. Really talk. Deeply, not superficially. That’s how the stories of S P A C E shake out, and when our topics get decided. A dozen people have moved from Papers on to be part of the virtual team collaboratively making S P A C E every week. ‘You add lightness to the world by putting things into it,’ said IK, one of our occasional collaborators whose poetry is paired with Atelier S P A C E Ho Chi Minh City art lead VT‘s images to make the issue, S P A C E | ‘Street Museums’. Adding lightness. Simplicating. More with less.

Special thanks to: S P A C E and Papers participants, a talented group of writers, makers and thinkers. This group includes: Michael Tharamangalam, Anonymous, Michael Bridgett Jr., Van Tran, Abdul Dube, and Nils Don Sihvola. 


S P A C E | ‘Starfish’ October 2021 / Zine and photography by Atelier S P A C E Ho Chi Minh City art director Van Tran



Make Papers with DK

New group starting up from April 2022. Interested? Note: there is a fee to participate. There is no cost to apply.

Apply at http://dipikakohli.com/apply



Apply at http://dipikakohli.com/apply