Clear Business Communication: work with us to Make it Simple

Short publications to highlight some of the notes and reminisces along the way all these 20 years of working in the field of making things easy to understand. Visual design, communication, editing, and writing. To communicate effectively matters.


Business and communicating clearly, effectively

Effectively communicating means knowing what the key messages you wish to convey as a business owner are; that starts with simplifying the jumble of what is, what has emerged, and all the bits and pieces that are still hanging around that may or may not make sense keeping in your online profile pages, or anywhere, really. I think it’s time to talk about how to make things simple; it doesn’t mean just delete everything and ‘go minimal.’ It’s design: knowing that the form follows the function. It’s art: feeling your way towards what’s right, what’s left is what’s right. Then you stop.

Here is ‘Make it Simple’…


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