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Many thanks to those who took part in MAKE A Z I N E and ART OF THE Z I N E popup conversation salons and zine-nerdery September 2018  in KL. We’re excited to share more about what happened, but slowly, as we learn and discover what people who came got from this, and what they’d like to see happen next. Mostly, DK are always happy to bump into new conversations, especially in new places, but KL is becoming one of our many ‘homes,’ as we’ve been returning for monthlong stays now since November, 2017. That will not change, I’m certain, especially given the receptivity to something as different fro the norm as Zines. We are ready to showcase and share more, and connect with other people already doing things with zines here in KL. I invite you to join our mailing list to keep up with what’s budding in these quietly forming, organic, and brilliantly thick-with-content conversations. That, after all, is the point, for us. Making S P A C E. More  things are planned for KL this autumn season. Keep in touch!—

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A B O U T  A T E L I E R  S P A C E

Discover the collection, S P A C E, at More about Atelier S P A C E is here. Next stops are under our ‘upcomings.’

Curious? More about DK and our work to make Z I N E S, so as to connect and interconnect new and different others, is here.

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S P A C E is a weekly eZine. Posts Tuesdays at 7AM USEST. International. Asynchronous. Interactive. Since 2014.

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Dipika Kohli

About Dipika Kohli

This events will be hosted by our founder and creative director, Dipika Kohli. She is an author and artist. She was an editor for newspapers in southwest Ireland and in Seattle, WA USA. Dipika was a speaker at TEDx (watch) and a guest author interviewed live on NPR (listen). Lately, she’s hosting Atelier S P A C E to bring people who love to write, talk together, and learn new things into conversation salons and workshops in which they can co-create short, 8-page zines. Discover the collection, S P A C E, at


DK 2018 | Finland


** Special thanks to KJoe Wong for his help on the Malay descriptions.
Also to Alex Anthony at Feeka for co-hosting Atelier S P A C E | KL events with us.