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Do you make time to listen to your employees?


MIT Sloan Management Review did some studies on why people were quitting during the Great Resignation.

Here is an excerpt, from one of them:

‘In our previous research, we found that respect — or the lack thereof — was the single strongest predictor of how employees as a whole rated the corporate culture… Whether you analyze culture at the level of the individual employee or aggregate to the organization as a whole, respect toward employees rises to the top of the list of cultural elements that matter most.’

Reading up on this for this blog’s Winter series of S P A C E, I found out there are so, so many reasons people are feeling stuck at work. The series covered identity loss, burnout, workplace issues, dealing with power dynamics that are not comfortable, finding your way to autonomy and discovering how to create a work role that you feel good about by asking for what you need.

That’s how I developed the workshop, ‘Time for Us.’


Time for Us’ for HR execs & their teams


This is going on in real life where I am, and virtually, too.

‘Time for Us’ is designed for:

  • Small companies in need of pandemic-shifted re-focus
  • Alignment,
  • Team-building — connecting for authentic sharing
  • Relating more honestly
  • Making it possible for HR teams to help people feel more psychologically ‘safe’
  • C-suite executives in need of recalibrating, relating, and conversing with a skilled facilitator in DK

Cost: The price starts at USD500 for half-day reflection workshops.

As me about specific program details, when you contact me through this form. At my personal site, see reviews.

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