MIT Sloan Management Review did some studies on why people were quitting during the Great Resignation.

Here is an excerpt, from one of them:

‘In our previous research, we found that respect — or the lack thereof — was the single strongest predictor of how em- ployees as a whole rated the corporate culture… Whether you analyze culture at the level of the individual employee or aggregate to the organization as a whole, respect toward employees rises to the top of the list of cultural elements that matter most.’

Reading up on this for this blog’s Winter series of S P A C E, I found out there are so, so many reasons people are feeling stuck at work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can talk, talk together, and co-discover what’s going on.

That’s how I developed the workshop, ‘Time for Us.’

Read on, for details.


TIME FOR US. After a series of important conversations with HR executives near and far to understand where the current pain points are for small teams (because I really just focus on small teams), I came to a few key conclusions.

Many told me that what I was doing with ‘spacemaking’ and ‘conversation installations’ would be highly useful for people who were struggling to simply communicate. Basics, et al. I was making some conversation roundtables in different parts of the world for people who did not know one another to meet, connect, and interconnect, from 2006 when I started DK in Seattle.

The first ever of this series was there, and it was ‘Flourish: What is the role of the artist?’ More than 80 or so of these in the interim, and today, and it’s Time for Us for HR teams.

This is what I am doing now.

Time for Us’ for HR execs & their teams


This is going on in real life where I am, and virtually, too.

‘Time for Us’ is designed for:

  • Small companies in need of pandemic-shifted re-focus
  • Team-building — connecting for authentic sharing
  • Relating more honestly
  • Making it possible for HR teams to help people feel more psychologically ‘safe’
  • C-suite executives in need of recalibrating, relating, and conversing with a skilled facilitator in DK

There are size limits for the groups and there are ways to do it so that the ultimate goal of getting people talking together still happens, in the way that I am learning is my unique style of hosting. As me about specific program details, when you contact me through this form. There is a fixed program, tried-and-true methods from DK’s past work, plus my own personal work that you can read about at my personal site, see reviews.

Start a conversation

Let’s explore if this could be a fit for you? Note: The price starts at USD500 for half-day reflection workshops and things go up, from there. For access to more information about why this works and how it flows, you can contact me through this form.