Time for Us

‘Time for Us’ is a workshop created by Design Kompany for leaders, and their teams.

Make ‘Time for Us’ with your team.

WHO THIS IS FOR. ‘Time for Us’ is designed for:

  • Those exploring a pandemic-shifted re-focus
  • Recalibration with teams and finding alignment
  • Team-building through authentic sharing
  • Goalsetting
  • Evaluating goals (individuals on a team, and teams)
  • Helping HR help employees feel more psychologically ‘safe’
  • Leaders who want to understand what their employees are feeling
  • Honest communication and opening up

WHAT YOU GET. Structure and accountability in designing a customized program to discover areas in which your teammates could communicate better, and also, self-identify or appreciate in a group with focused time each person’s (current) strengths. Reflection and recalibration. Focus going forward. Awareness, of each other’s strengths, and of one’s own. Periodically looking at this can help people reframe their efforts on where to put their time or how to delegate to others. It’s the end of the year when many are reflecting in this way, and DK’s ‘Time for Us’ provides guidance, expert facilitation, and structure.

FEES. Fees start at USD250 per 2-hour block booked. See below for options for times. A non-refundable engagement fee of 20% of the total workshop fee will be requested prior to beginning the workshop with you. This engagement fee payment will confirm your registration.

SCHEDULE. Sessions are on offer in person and virtually, too. We can work together to find the right time for your timezone.

For in-person meetings in real life in Phnom Penh, the time-blocks are:


DATES. Schedule ‘Time for Us’ for November and December 2023.

RESTRICTIONS. ‘Time for Us’ is only for teams of 15 or fewer people.


For Winter 2023/24, the focus is on Strengthfinding. It’s inspired by a story about motivation and self-esteem.

Here is an excerpt.

Rick Pitino and Bill Reynolds, writing in ‘Success is a Choice,’ say:

We are looking for change over the long haul, change that is going to be with us for the rest of our lives. In order to make this change, we must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses, because we all have them.

The key is not only knowing which ones are which but also knowing how to manage them. I learned this by observing athletes, all of whom have to cope with their strengths and liabilities. But it’s not just athletes; we all have to do this. Our job is to define a role for ourselves that maximizes our strengths and minimizes our weaknesses.


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