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DK x Arts & Letters Society Malaysia

PCLO Cafe at National Gallery in KL // DK 2018

DK and friends gathered to talk about the zines, and popup installations, that we had just hosted in Finland over the summer and also to reconnect. New and different others, from our networks and newly forming circles, had a chance to meet and talk together. In real life. We also explored the contemporary art galleries of the exhibits happening at that time, this would be early September, at the National Gallery. A beautiful space, well worth visiting, if you are ever in KL. Though it is a tad hard to get to. Worth it, though.

DK x FEEKA Coffee Roasters


MINIGALLERY. Here are a couple of photos from ‘Art of the Z I N E’ in Kuala Lumpur, taken by one of our guests, Muhd Muqhriz. More about what we are up to in Malaysia is here. Could be one of the next ‘bases’ for DK. So much great food, new conversation-starting on account of a change of government this year, and openness to try new things. A good cocktail for a DK popup for some span of time. Let’s see.

DK // 2018

S P R I N G 2018

S P A C E | Kuala Lumpur

Zine. The new zine, ‘Kaunter Tiket’ came of the conversations at Atelier S P A C E || KL in May 2018. At the end of our programme, Dipika Kohli gathered the stories into. short, compact two-part zine ‘Kaunter Tiket’. It is a work of creative nonfiction, and set as a zine that folds into a pocket-size portable set. Just 20 copies, many of which went to new friends met while traveling on the road in: Caemron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Helsinki, and Oulu. It was a journey of discovery to find the story that became the lead one of this zine, namely, the story of a woman whose triumphs might very much surprise most people, at first glance.

It’s by Dipika Kohli. Dipika is an author and artist. She was an editor for newspapers in southwest Ireland and in Seattle, WA USA. Dipika was a speaker at TEDx (watch) and was interviewed about her first book, The Elopement (Kismuth Books // 2012), live on NPR (listen).


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