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Editor’s note: This post was updated February 2024.

The timeless and classic look and feel of Design Kompany’s style becomes clear when we see the ways in which designs like this one, from 2008, still feel relevant in today’s visually overwhelming world. I think this is because each client comes to us to gather the time for themselves to do the big work of looking deeply, within, as a team, to find out ‘what it is we do and why it matters, to whom, and what that means to us.’

I know that’s a lot of promising but it really does work, through a six-step process developed over the years in Seattle 2005-2009 to do the work of branding by guiding the creative process with our clients on board. Each time someone hit their own moment of insight, we knew we were getting closer. The design journey is like this. You’re moving through unknown terrain, but there are guideposts and you learn how to see them, as you go. Design is a set of unconverings, of finding your way towards what’s really real, about the core value proposition. A great brand identity design simply validates this because we’ll find it out, as we go on the journey, together.

Design Kompany works well with people in software because, I think, we understand the meaningful approach of agile design, and of lightness in the approach at the start. Asking questions, discerning the next steps, adn building as we go base don the newly uncovered inputs. This is how we work, too. Iteratively, but with small steps that are assured. Six of them, actually.

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‘OUR NEW NAME AND BRAND reflects how we’ve grown over the past three years from a research focused company to what we’re all about today: creating truly unique custom mobile solutions for our clients. You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.’ —Richard Stott, Matchbox Mobile, Brighton & Seattle 2008