SPACEMAKING. Even in so-called ‘lockdown,’ which is really not that serious where I am, the thing that I do without really knowing how I do it somehow naturally came to *happen*. But actually, there is a method to making S P C. The zine, and the offline moment, too. It’s simple, really.

First, go and look at things. Be there. Show up. A lot. And pay attention. Next, discover. Without really meaning to, my natural inclination is to somehow find… true artists. This does not mean people who sell paintings. This does not mean people who ‘get published.’ This means people who are sensitive, thinking, and feeling. Like, very. The sincere, in other words. What I do is turning out to happen more by natural proclivity towards Spacemaking now, rather than by Atelier S P C’s version of trying to design it all in advance, is good. Feels right.

JUNE | PAPERS. In other news, DK are starting a fresh batch of Papers. Co-creating through June, in the cloud, with the very curious. So far, so good. Happy, in the cloud. (Did I invite you to apply? Maybe I did. You can still apply for the waitlist, here.)