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CONNECTIONS, and the freedom of exchange of ideas amongst people who are listening and talking together, in open circles, without agendas, and not fighting. Dialogue. You understand that

Design Kompany is a spacemaking atelier and lifestyle brand founded in Seattle in 2006. We offer bespoke design services for the modern individual who has style and curiosity. People who like to ‘get out of their comfort zone.’ (But only once in a while. ‘One must be pragmatic.’)

  • WHO IS DK FOR? DK are for those who know they are creative but feel underdeveloped. DK know that it takes years of practice and commitment to any art field to become a master, but we are shaping small ateliers in order to let some people try things out, in small scales and in small numbers. We have been doing this since 1994, when our co-founders first met and began hosting tiny parties in a living room on Ninth Street in Durham, steps away from a bookshop, a cafe, university libraries with free access, and an aging, stubborn, gray-blue-eyed cat. DK are for the design-discerning. For visual people. Even if they aren’t working in the visual arts (because we all know what a pain that is for a career choice), they still have a feeling of being interested in creativity, the creative process, making something by hand, and trying new things. So that’s where DK comes in. For those whose inner Artist is craving time and space to create, away from work obligations and client meetings, we are making S P A C E. Ateliers, workshops, our eZine. We are making space to discover oneself through the design, the creativity, the discovery and exploration, of the most natural thing in the world to do as a human being. Make things.
  • HISTORY. Since its inception, DK collaborated with architects, developers, designers, and NGOs, and has been featured on publications and online media like Processed Identity, GOOD, Idealist, Displaced Nation, and dozens of small, independent community newspapers and magazines. DK’s ateliers have also been seen with the likes of __ and is continuing to grow its presence globally through partnerships with groups that are aware that you can’t come up with great ideas if you do things the way you’ve always done them.
  • AIM. Challenging and inspiring, alluring and bespoke, DK are engaging with only select clients. Comprising two distinct yet harmonious halves, DK offers both customized ateliers for NGOs and businesses, as well as a range of small salons for personal, individual connexion making in similirly curated rooms for dialogue, true dialogue, that is, the kind that has a center, and not sides. Welcome to the circle. Welcome to DK.
  • CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES.  Our custom design projects are focused on conceptualising, designing and delivering bespoke ateliers for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs to add a personal touch and unique style of spacemaking that draws from inspirations in improv theatre, bebop jazz, meditation workshops, Open Space Technology ‘unconference’ methods, and a past career in asking bunches of nosy questions and writing things down that people tell us, and getting paid for that work. Through working closely with our clients, our custom designed ateliers complement and enhance what is already in place for programming, giving a special flair and sense of ephemera to any occasion. First impressions matter. Make them *magic*.
  • SHOP. Our eZine S P A C E features the stories and writings that are made while moving about in Asia and Europe to discover people and place, how they are making, and interweaving these into short, packed zines. Sometimes in print. Find out more about S P A C E here. Clean lines, direct quotes, and authentic communication (no ads, no advertorials, no product placements) make DK’s S P A C E different. Forums are places where you can meet others in the community, which is growing as we continue to connect with new and diffrent others for remarkable connexion, one designful moment at a time. We believe a dose of inspiration and an openness to explore to the edges, combined with street-smart style, modern design and unpretentious aesthetics, lend the capacity for our clients to experience their own design processes anew: with a bold sense of self-awareness, they can find a strong voice, empowerment and that thing everyone wants but can’t buy. Confidence.