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‘N’ Internet NEXT is in play

It is October tomorrow. Lockdown is ‘lifting’, well. Not sure how I feel about that, owing to the myriad readings I’ve been doing of permutations and combinations and mathematical modeling of risk factors in opening ‘too soon.’ Funny, earlier this week I was complaining about how endless this thing was, and now I’m like, waitaminut, this is a very rapid shift, and…. I’m not sure…….. what.

Also, various other things are coming into my mind, these days, based on, what else?, paperback reading, internet reading, podcast surfing, and conversations in the Zoom spaces of late that revolve around items like rain, cave syndrome, Oneness, Jiddu Krishnamurthi and David Bohm dialogues like this one,

how to make a decision tree that has reversibility, and… [deleted]…

And listening… Which is the point.

Listening and connecting. In a new way. To the New.

What’s NEXT? Let’s explore.

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