For the next issue of S P A C E, let’s talk about noodles. And favorite shops.

That is to say, where to get great noodles in Phnom Penh. How about Bangkok? How about Saigon? Depending on what people decide to share through the call for stories, I’ll be putting together a special issue, ‘My Best Ramen’, for an upcoming edition of S P A C E. Looking forward to hearing all about the foodie culture that I know is out there, reading, eating, and conversing.


Call for stories

What are your favorite places to go for ramen in Phnom Penh? How about other cities of southeast Asia, or even Japan? Do you have a memory around somewhere in particular that involved food? We want to hear it.

It’s a time of opening and change and transition and food is something that brings us together no matter what our culture is, and where we grew up. There are whole industries dedicated to food and we want to enjoy that, with you, for an issue of S P A C E.

What are your favorite movies about food? Special memories around ramen? How about the culture of eating out late, after drinking? I understand that is what ramen is about; filling the belly, after staying out late.

Tell us your stories.

Leave a comment below. Or email if you prefer, here . There may be a chance you will see it published in the next print edition of S P A C E!

Photo: Mae Mu



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