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November syllabus

Each month’s end is a fun time for me to review the multiple threads of email conversations between me, and co-creators of S P A C E, plus, our online interactive writing community that is called Papers. It is a gentle weekly journaling space, for those who just want to make more time for that. I host it. I listen to everyone’s sharing and write prompts from each week’s conversations; in this way, it is organic, emergent, and flowy. It’s my online version of a weekly regular meet up, just a few people at a time. I love that kind of regularity and the comfort that comes with just knowing that, once a week, there will be a small group to get together with and talk, just about whatever, and it’s like, a kind of… community.

DSP and I talked about ‘an artists community’ when we last met in person, I think, or perhaps it was the time before last, which would have been… August? I am losing track of time. Time… another topic. But we will focus on the things that have come up, in the ‘Papers’ conversations, which are quite simple in design: circles of just four people talking together; talking in email; talking, internationally and asynchronously. The important part is: talking.

Good things take time.

Started this in May.

It’s only just now starting to find its way; this, sometimes, is how a beginning… begins.

Welcoming those who are in it, and know who they are, to our November circle of Papers.

See you on email.