I have been thinking about this all day, and every minute since meeting old clients and some colleagues in the city where I am, and about twenty online in my quarantine time, so as to discover something. About this idea. This topic of ‘own-goaling’, when it comes to your own work, and life, even, in some ways. Or maybe it’s just a matter of understanding that the world we are in now has altered in such vast ways that there was no way to avoid some level of this.

We lost a lot, collectively, after all.

We couldn’t use the tools we used to be able to to maintain our own levels of… balance. Or? I wonder how you were, where you were, all these months. Returning to the start point of my Southeast Asia adventure, which wasn’t really meant to be eight years, but has been, I’m considering these things. They say, in some circles, that the definition of philosophy is to examine things clearly, in order to make your life more pleasurable. In others, they call it ‘reflection.’ In this one, that I make, it’s called S P A C E.

Another here. Another now.