Creative and artistic? Cool. Welcome to this blog.

I want to talk about sharing. Not social media, but behind-the-scenes sharing, when you are trying to decide if you should get some feedback, creatively, or not. It’s so hard.

Maybe you haven’t had much exploring time yet for your creative works, whether they are bits of writing, poems, or something more illustrative and visual. Or maybe you have. Maybe you think you’ve found a go-to person for sharing things that aren’t quite ready to press ‘go’ on and publish into the world.

Or maybe you think you have, but actually, they don’t have your best interests in mind. And you find out, somewhere along the way, and it doesn’t feel good to notice that, hey, after all that, they really wanted you to fail. All of us will encounter┬áthis persona in our lives. The hard part will be to recognize it for what it is. Here is an example.

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