‘I am a part of all that I have met’


IN AN INTERVIEW with UK mens magazine, The Greatest, artist Jose González offers an illuminating thought on fromness. Not exactly the greatest interview question, this press to talk about ‘your multicultural background,’ but he handles it with aplomb. It’s this:

‘I think there are too many people too stubbornly worried about borders and cultural identity. That kind of approach does not lead to any ideal wellness or happiness, in the noblest sense of these words. People look at their nations in a nostalgic way, with an irrational attachment, which is often not positive at all, sadly… To pick all the best from every situation, and to challenge the idea of rootedness. The idea of holding onto something is not healthy, and to be able to go beyond the common cultural identity or ethnicity is definitely a strength…’


This is a picture from ORIGIN Phnom Penh, a salon to ponder in real life this very question, ‘What is fromness, anyway?’ Is it important to talk about? This was March 2014…

March 2014 ORIGIN