Issue #48: S P A C E | Tanah Rata, ‘Experiential Intimacy’

Protected: Quarter 1, 2020

Protected: Bechdel test

‘Dear Diary’

Issue #47: S P A C E | Kärsämäki, ‘The Field and the Horizon”

Protected: ‘November 2019, Dear’

Protected: Dear MO’B and MM’L

Zines: ‘They speak for their time’

Protected: Trusting the process

Magazine cover

Issue #46: S P A C E | Huế, ‘An Art of the Moment’

Protected: In flow: Dear L, M & N

Protected: Highlights

Issue #45: S P A C E | Vilnius, ‘Partial Differential Equations’

11 Nov | An Art of the Moment

Protected: To the journeys

Music x Design

Issue #44: S P A C E | Rovaniemi, ‘Blank Sky Checklist’

S P A C E | Winter 2019-2020

Protected: ‘October 2019 Dear’

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