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Classic graphic design + brand identity services for SMEs in tech

Classic graphic design

Focus and clarify. Use design to connect meaningfully with your exact audience. DK’s Dipika Kohli offers new and classic graphic design services.

DK Founder Dipika Kohli / Photo by OMNI Photostudios

‘Beyond ordinary team building activities we used to do, the facilitator (Dipika) did an outstanding job introducing innovative methodology that enabled our team to put aside routine work hats, creating a safe space that our team felt comfortable to share and connect with one another our past experiences, family and what we each care about. Our team now sees each other beyond just colleagues. We understand each other more. We grow our respect and appreciation for each other even more.’

Channé Suy Lan


‘A great and above all original stand out design service, allied to a world savvy understanding of what you need to do to get noticed in the busy world we all live in… wonderful people to work with!’

Kieran Hanrahan

Modern Business Training Services

‘Dipika has an incredible way of helping analytical and logical teams, or individuals, tap into their creative sides and think outside the box. Working with one of our teams, she helped us define our marketing plan to include more emotional elements, rather than purely rational ones. Overall, I would highly recommend hiring Dipika if you struggle with accessing creative/emotional ideas or are just generally stuck in mental rut. She is fantastic!’

Jay Mebane

Bootstrap Advisors

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