Papers | 待つ こと

This week is an exciting one for us here at DK. Not only are the beginnings starting to finally begin, regarding the inventions for another year of waiting for things to come to a place of, well, ‘normal’ is the wrong word, but perhaps ‘familiar’ works…. familiarity.

Unflinchingly unaware

[deleted] which was why meeting N. yesterday was refreshing and a reminder that, yes, there is always a cloud of uncertainty, as N. had put it, around us, and we have to kind of deal with it, in the way that we can, when we can, as we do. Mental health: a sharpness of it, that helps, a lot, with the coping of making it up as you go in the same vein at the same time as coming to terms with a lot of slaps of surprise that can agitate, if you lose sight of the fact that, well, we’re all in a hot soup of not-knowing, all of us, around the world, at this moment in time, ‘interesting times’, in inverted commas there, as MT, once wrote, in a conversation over in Papers.

[This section moved to a private conversation space in Papers. Papers is a conversation space in which 4 people talk together, in small e-circles, one week at a time. Asynchronous. International. More at this page.]

To the journeys, then. Off we go!