I am going to make a zine series called ‘Creative Phnom Penh’

I first did this in Ireland when I worked for a small newspaper there. I found a lot of people with galleries and who were making artworks. They advertised with us and I wrote about them. I took photos of them, and their work. I published these with my teammates. We had a beautiful series of conversations and an outstanding special issue of the newspaper. Twenty years later I still recall it with fondness.

People need to tell people about their creative work. Services, and also creative spaces, I understand that. Facebook is just one mode but what if you want to stand out? If you want to be heard, whisper.

Do you think you would like to share a quality 16-page mini-magazine with your friends, which has a lot of useful information in it about where to go, what to do, and how to enjoy and experience highly creative moments in Phnom Penh? I do.

That is why I want to do this.

This is my goal: I will make a zine series focused on creative people doing cool things, in Phnom Penh.

I would like to call for a few people who are interested in a unique co-publishing opportunity.

You can read the below, then get in touch with me about how you can tell more people about your creative work, here in Phnom Penh.

But what does it look like?

Here is what S P A C E looks like when it is printed.

Kan Tomizawa and Dipika Kohli made S P A C E | Kyoto ‘One Moment Cafe’


S P A C E by Dipika Kohli 2022


Atelier S P A C E Saigon’s art director Van Tran made S P A C E | ‘Starfish’ and took this picture.


Creative Phnom Penh is a special zine set in the well-established series, S P A C E

Today S P A C E has 100+ issues in the online shop.

But we started right here in Phnom Penh. It is always 16 pages.

After touring so many places since 2017, I have refined this production for myself. I love making S P A C E every week. It is crowdfunded. I sent it to the people around the world who really believed in what I do: caring about quality. Not ‘me me me’ stuff like the way social media makes people get crazy about, but really good writing and stories that matter to people and what is real not made-up or ‘sexy.’ I like good art and I like to find people making it, and those re the people who co-crated with me in Finland, Latvia, and Vietnam. Thank goodness I had those experience before ht pandemic. Now I am in Cambodia and plan to focus the zine very locally. I still care about quality. I still want to co-create.

So here I am. I will create a special edition of the magazine. It will be printed. It will be distributed locally in Phnom Penh. I will stock it at bookshops. I am looking for other places to put it, too.

Here is our goal for the September release:

  • QUANTITY. To eep things simple, I will make just 100 copies. I will use a photocopy shop that I know does a good job printing. I like photocopies with airy design inside because it is easy to make and not much to invest in, for me.
  • AUDIENCE. All creative people. Or people who identify as creative.
  • FREE DISTRIBUTION. I will give 20 copies to the sponsor of this magazine. I will stock 80 copies with good bookstores and outlets for distribution, too.
  • SPONSORSHIP. For 1 issue, I seek 1 sponsor. The sponsor will be able to have a one-page ad in the zine. Professional and simple and sophisticated, which is what my magazine and design of it is known for. See the examples below. To sponsor our zine, the price is USD125. There will be no other advertisers in the issue you sponsor.


Interested in a partnership?

What I will do in the month of August is this. Design and invite people to co-create the series of zines for S P A C E under the theme, Creative Phnom Penh. For those who want to be part of the making of this series, please get in touch to start a conversation.

Tell us about yourself. What makes you or your organization creative? Why should people want to know about you? Send us details. If you need help writing things, we can talk with you about that when we add that service. If our editor decides he is interested, you will be able to talk with him and see if your story matches our aesthetic.

Would you like to be part of it?

Get in touch