Call for Papers

It’s a good time to open things up a little and invite other people to make S P A C E with us. Join the international conversation and see your work in a publication, if you’re ready for the exchanges that come from these dialogues. The kinds with a ‘center, and not sides’ as WI put it in his book Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together. 

I remember a great email exchange with the author in which I put into practice some applicable tips for a roundtable on modernity, in a new country, with people I did not know. The whole purpose of these engagements, for me, was to invite the new and see what we could discover, together. Design and discovery; those are my things.


Capture the moment, celebrate the new

Why do I make S P A C E? Hmmmmm. It’s so easy these days to not do something. To not try. To not go out of ‘my comfort zone.’ To not give attention to those you don’t already know and love and care about. But why do I keep doing this?

Because it’s who I am.

New things. New places. New people. New ideas. S P A C E quests S P A C E.

I love the great things that sometimes come of these engagements and that’s why I haven’t stopped inviting people to take part. In real life adventures from 2006-2021 to host roundtables, salons, workshops and e-Workshops through the last 10 years, I’ve met a ton of people and started S P A C E to capture some of the highlights of our exchanges. And… I envision new things ahead. New ideas, new gleanings. These have inspired and shaped this new set of writing prompts. We are ready for you to join us when you are ready to take part in something New and Different.

Not for everyone, of course. Some people really like the status quo.

Papers is for the rest of us.