Mirror | ‘Autumn Leaves’

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Do you remember maybe May 2020, when I had mentioned I was going to run Interactive Papers? That has really been a wonderful experience, and we are finishing it up, and moving back to Mirror.

What is the purpose of The Mirror
Time, space, and reflection, mostly.
I’m happy to work with people who love writing and conversations to take their writing practice to a new level. I’m always here to bounce ideas off of, for the 8- or 12-week segment of focused time. I write prompts each week based on the conversations, or what people submit they want to address, in their applications.
Mainly, as I’ve been told I’m a good ‘accountability’ partner, I want to try this again. Help you help yourself make time and space for reflective writing. Not for everyone of course. But if it sounds interesting, please apply (link below).
There is a fee to participate, but no cost to apply. Max 4 per circle. Thanks for thinking it over. It’s always good to connect, and reconnect, especially as my network grows from travels in N. Europe, E. Europe, Southeast Asia, too.
To the journeys!
Apply at: