Purpose, values, and the role of design

This week in S P A C E, there’s a lot of intrigue for me with regards to people in their sixties and seventies talking about their arcs in life. Stories, regrets, misguided earlier decisions: the works. When people open and share with me, honestly and not superficially, we get places. I remembered all over again on Monday at one of these meetings why I put together my zine, S P A C E. For those of us who care about personal stories, in the era of overload and informational stress, it’s nice to find an oasis.


S P A C E the zine is 97% crowdfunded.


A place to slow, and sit. And listen.

The posts about purpose on this blog so far are a place for me to review where I’ve been writing my notes on this topic. Next is the job to put together the anthology, for S P A C E, which I’ve been crowdfunding for now and am almost at the finish line. I’m lucky people have supported the effort to go out into the big world, alone and with an open page, to listen, to observe, and to pen a few lines in S P A C E for others to enjoy and engage with, and I’m glad for this effort.

The current issue of S P A C E is at my personal site. That link is http://dipikakohli.com. It’s a personal one, so it’s there, not here. Here at DK, I’ll focus more on things that I hope will help the small business owner or solopreneur discover their own internal compass, and learn to trust it.


Purpose-discerning will start with making time.


Listening, internally, starts with that trust. Self-trust. Very trendy to talk about this, but I guess those who know how to do it are the ones who are ready to dive in, headfirst, eyes wide open, into the great unknown. This is the startpoint for curiosity to lead you to the next, towards innovations, breakthroughs, personal discoveries: the whole thing. I don’t really think ‘going on a world tour’ can do that, if you’re not mentally prepared to start with the blank page and really reflect, honestly, about your purpose. Which over time can change, for sure. But caring about finding out what’s what, I feel, is massive when it comes to feeling life satisfaction. I’ve met, over the last two decades, a lot of troubled people who confess to me this in confidential side moments off the stages of their lives, which are, outwardly quite successful.


Design can help you outline your purpose

For a long time, I’ve been sharing with people who are interested in hearing about it how the design process can offer clarity, when you aren’t sure what you want to do next. Designing a mark that says, ‘This is me,’ or, more specifically, ‘This is me, now,’ because people tend to arrive at DK when they’re in this major life transition (for a tattoo, a brand identity design, or a ‘lookbook’ to tell their stories). Design is making meaning, I used to say, but now I know better. Design helps you discern the meaning that’s there, that you best resonate with: because you are on that frequency, and, to you, that frequency reverberates with purpose and vitality. It’s when you can say, ‘Hell yes.’

Don’t settle for ‘Okay.’ You want ‘Hell, yes.’

Life is short. Let’s have fun.

Here are a few posts about purpose.