Culture | What are some things many people pretend to like but don’t actually enjoy?

It is a good question.

I found it on Quora. I have an answer to it, which would be, People pretending to enjoy being famous as internet influencers.

My favorite answer posted, though, is by someone who describes themselves as a ‘child of two therapists’, Joschka Yoshi Tryba, who answers this question with ‘Partying at bars and clubs’. Read it in context, at the link at the end.

Here is part of the reply:

Tryba: ”If it is a nightlife spot where the music is blasting and everyone is standing, if you look around, you’ll see that most people aren’t enjoying themselves.

  • ‘Check out that group of gorgeous women. They twirl around in their flattering dresses, reveling in their beauty and the attention it brings them. They cluster together, giggling, waiting for the approach of a strange man that will validate the hours of work they put into looking so perfect.But two seconds after they are approached, they are often disgusted or offended. It’s never Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt that approaches them, but some arrogant, obnoxious man that thinks he is funny and has a right to get in her pants. She feels assaulted, invaded, and has to wait for her friends to come rescue her from this slimy creature.
  • ‘Check out the well-dressed professionals. They cannot escape their jobs even in their couple hours of down time. They’ve been working so hard, for so many years, and are just seeking a connection. They would rather be home with a loved one, if only they had one. They hope that tonight is the night they meet this person, but they know it isn’t. They’ve been out too many times to kid themselves that romance can be found in this hellhole. No, this is just the escape, the release, from an otherwise long and empty workday…
  • ‘Check out that loner in the corner. He/she was definitely dragged along by a group of friends who still tell themselves they like these places. He/she came along because he/she hoped tonight might be different. It’s not… But their friends are there for them. At least they now have something meaningful to do in helping their sick friend, and they have an excuse to leave this place.
Source: Quora