Tonight in Cambodia's Phnom Penh, Design Kompany hosts an invite-only reading session from 6 printed issues (pictured above the sofa, here) of our e-mag, S P C. This is the spot we're going to be at. <img src="">

There are shows, and there are readings, and there are poetry nights, and then, there is S P A C E.

This month, so much is on.

This thing tonight, for example.

Tonight in Phnom Penh. an invitation-only reading and sharing session, ahead of our more public 11 Feb event, and tomorrow’s show at the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne.

We want to talk about it, now.

Talk about what?


About how we went around the world bumping into people everywhere and intruding on conversations or starting them. Just to find the story.

Did we do it well?

Come and see.


Pictured: the shiny new cafe we have gotten to know well and have kind of used lately as a ‘go-to office.’

In many ways, it reminded us of our old office in Seattle, ‘Kornerhaus,’ which became not just a living space, but an apartment for the passers-by of the creative ilk, a meeting space for artists, and a host of workshops that we didn’t call ‘workshops’ back then, because that seemed… well… Formal.

But, we are, kind of. Serious about what we make. This is how we roll, ladies and gentlemen.

Can you dig it?

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