I posted this recently, on Design Kompany’s page on LinkedIn.

#spacethezine is a project of DK’s Dipika Kohli.

‘So far, so good. #Design and discovery are our themes. The whole thing has been going since 2017, when I set to work on making a weekly in Battambang, Cambodia. Next year we’re going to start new chapters. Like… casual online games. I’ll post more… soon. Watch this space.’

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More than 100 people have helped DK bring 16-page colorful e-zines into fruition through crowdfunding support, or taking part in our online programs like SELF and The Mirror. Those were all about starting conversations, which continued into real life on travels when those were more possible in: Finland (2018), Latvia (2019), Cambodia (2017-2020) and Vietnam (2020-21).

See the whole story at the crowdfunding page, here:

Thanks to those who helped me on the back-end to make more and better S P A C E, one designful conversation at a time. Especially Michael Bridgett, Michael Tharamangalam, Boss,Van Tran, and Anonymous.

Shop the store at gumroad.com/designkompany