‘Lands on the Moon’: Effort, sweat is sometimes the reward

Update: This week in S P A C E our conversation is ‘Choosing to Choose,’ and in recent weeks it has been ‘Success’, ‘Cat’, and ‘Discovery Roads.’ It’s a conversation that emerges as we go, between he people who show up newly and those of us who have been here talking online for a while. Five years in some cases. It’s good to have progression, richness, and conversation that isn’t about ‘look at me’ or ‘aren’t I great.’ I am getting tired of the social media streams for overdoing it on these two points and underwhelming when it comes to real conversation with real people about real things. Know what I mean?


There are times when you really want to hit a goal, but you won’t

You are a solopreneur and wish you could jam with some teammates to flesh out a new idea.

Or, you are in a small team and people are stumped because everyone has been tired of the pandemic and no one feels like talking, together, anymore.

Or, you are someone who really loves new input, all the time, and if you can’t move around the world physically you have this burning desire to create a virtual space for people to meet you. Engage, and connect. Meaningfully, not superficially.

This last one is me.

Fortunately, I have a knack for getting people talking. So it works, when it works, and we have a fun time. I’m ready to start this again, but maybe just virtually, since real life get-togethers are pretty hard to make happen. (That said, I will try it, where I am at the moment. Which is Phnom Penh. I can try.)

The theme for this coming session series is S P A C E | Spring 2023, ‘Lands on the Moon.’ It’s because people might aim really high and think they’re going for the stars, but something comes into the reality net and you get snagged and you can’t really get there.

For whatever reason.

You ran out of steam, gumption, cash, resources, motivation, or a pandemic hit.

You wanted to do more, but you couldn’t do more.

You landed. On the moon.

It’s easy to get frustrated if you are from a production-oriented culture when you do not ‘meet my goals’. What if you could play your way towards some experimental goal, where you don’t know when you start, exactly where you’ll wind up?

Could this not be a little more freeing, potentially?

Enter Drift (Situationists).

Exit Drift.


Maybe what’s really cool is pursuing your goal, not bothering about what other people say about it

In modern times of TikTok and false information, there are far too many instances of ‘content creation’ that are designed to elicit reactions, rather than express one’s artful and thoughtful creativity. Wanting ‘likes’ gets in the way of publishing art from the true self. This is a problem.  

What Atelier S P A C E allows is room for us to discover our own ‘right’ answers. Through dialogue, experiential learning, co-discovery and collaboration. The methods are those that I personally picked up from observation and work with some people who develop software and adopt an ‘agile’ method. You go a little, see what’s working, adjust, adapt, go more. It’s fun.

The goal is to give guests of Atelier S P A C E an experiential learning workshop that creates room for truly meaningful dialogue: which I feel is spontaneous and authentic. This requires a series of steps to establish psychological safety, and trust. 

Here is how it works. On Mondays, we have an editorial meeting. The rest of the week, we each go on to complete the assignments we have chosen and review these together on Thursdays. Once art and copy is submitted, I work with the production team to create the issue over the weekend. Atelier S P A C E will publish every digital issue on Sunday evening and print limited editions on Tuesdays. 


Zines from the S P A C E collections from Autumn 2022 and prior, in a mix



Update: August 2023