S P A C E | Berlin, ‘Strange Geometries’

IT IS ALMOST ready to share, but not quite, but almost, which is better than not-at-all. The weekly publishing schedule is a wonderful and familiar rush, for me. I used to edit the Tuesday pages of a paper in Seattle, so putting together the weekly issue of S P A C E for release on this day is reminiscent of that time of my life. Copy writing, copy editing, sourcing new work, putting things together in a theme that makes sense as a work, as a ‘piece.’ My good friends Michael Bridgett, Jr. and Akira Morita, mostly, and a handful of others who came and went, were part of a giant conversation salon in a protected-page forum that was themed, ‘Strange Geometries.’

Which. Was. Awesome.


Art, work & meaning-making

In that place, we started getting very, very intriguing dialogues going and those were the things that informed the context within which this Tuesday we release S P A C E | Berlin, ‘Strange Geometries.’ Wherever did Berlin come in, you wonder, if you think we are still Cambodia-bound? Well. It’s a good story, if you want to hear it. But you can see the pictures: don’t they speak thousands of words, each, as they say? I’m not convinced they do, personally, unless they’re shot in a way that has the experience and discernment to see what you can see when you look and feel ‘the street,’ as the photographer Benjamin Nwaneampeh and I had discussed over this lovely conversation recorded for all those who want to know why instagram photography and real phtoography are different. Listen to the podcast, ‘Don’t just document, make art.

What is art?
What is value?
What is work?
What is the point of aesthetic moment-design?
Or making salons online in protected-page forums, even?
Or bothering about anything that requires actual time, actual caring, actual collaboration, and actual, well, Work.

The Work of Art was where this started, with the issue S P A C E | Brussels, ‘The Work of Art,’ in which we got started with this thread of thinking about what it all is for, anyway.

That which has been discovered, shared, discussed (at some length), and reprocessed has been distilled into this set of short writings, collected fragments of other thinkers from The Past (who might surprise you), photographs from Berlin, and illustrations in a new graphic style that seems to be the zine-like ‘vibe’ that S P A C E is playing with, lately, here.

Here’s to the journeys, the new, the near, and the next.

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