Desk Notes

S P A C E | Book launch 2016 for ‘Breakfast in Cambodia’

This post is for my new acquaintances, T & H. I just wanted to show you the picture from a book launch I did in Phnom Penh in September 2016 [edited]. My, time goes so quickly. I won’t be showing up for this kind of event-making much in Vietnam, to be really really honest, because I have only met 2 or 3 people in my time here, 13 months and counting, who actually really ‘get’ it. The popup installation isn’t something that happens much herein naturally, because of, say, rules about gatherings of x number of people needing to have governmental approval and so on. Also you can’t speak out against the government or you will get in trouble. I might be in trouble for saying that but it’s a real thing. So instead of going around trying to make the hard things visible, I’ll just keep doing what I know how to do. Make it up as I go.

Continuing my experiments in improvisation, then, I continue to design and make S P A C E.

To the journeys!


Photo: Breakfast in Cambodia book launch party at the now-defunct Tini cafe bar in Phnom Penh. More about the book is here.