S P A C E | Haapavesi, ‘Katsotaan’

Traveling from one small town of northern Finland to another, one crosses kilometers of forests and, if it’s summer, sees the rays of light between the trees along the way. But arriving at a new destination, however short a drift from where you start, can often lead to unexpected new beginnings. Even if they don’t last a million years, but just one evening… discovering ‘Koivu’ (birch) along the way, and sharing the conversations in real life about real things: illness, mirth, and the bright white night that doesn’t end, but leads to rows of filled croissants, vodkas, tears, a fight, and preoccupations with Midsummer–mostly, what to cook.

Creative nonfiction and new photography by DK’s Dipika Kohli. This issue will launch on April 2.