This coming Tuesday I will send out S P A C E | ‘Life Traps.’

It is the first of what will be a 12-set series, the S P A C E | Spring 2023 series, ‘Lands on the Moon.’ Chronicling the adventures and misadventures of solopreneurship, on the road..

‘Lands on the Moon’ comes from a real life exchange, in Latvia. It was what a hip hop musician in a dark bar in Riga had shared, in a moment of profundity that can only come in those kinds of times. (You were down, you were out, and someone random said a thing. Those.)

I was lamenting to our mutual friend, who had invited us out, just how hard it was to get people together, which was the agenda for Atelier S P A C E, in order to talk, hit on something, and co-create zines. This was about as easy to do as getting a cactus to do calculus.

‘Sometimes you shoot for the stars,’ he said, ‘and you land on the moon.’

In other words, You did your best. And you got somewhere. Not where you had pictured, but somewhere, nonetheless. 

I liked that.

I went on to host two S P A C E | Miniparty events, one in Riga, and one when I landed back in Southeast Asia, in Bangkok. HT GC. All that was the past, before the pandemic.

Now it’s 2023. I can shoot again for a new set of stars. Do you want to read future issues of S P A C E? You can gift S P A C E. Or read it at home when you want to. I’ve set it up so you can download each issue as a PDF, print the issue out as 4 double-sided pages, fold, and sew closed to finish. Like the issues pictured below. The picture is from the closing party for readings from the series, S P A C E | Autumn 2021, ‘The Book of Feelings.’  It’s fun having paper things to read, and it’s also short, and refreshes every week. I love publishing<3


‘How can I get S P A C E?’

There are two steps to get the 12-set series ‘Lands on the Moon.’