S P A C E | Pangkor Island, ‘Two Pisces’

Next Tuesday in S P A C E, we share the zine created on Pangkor Island, Malaysia. Most of it was made during a one-week Atelier S P A C E solo tour. Co-created through dialogues with people DK ran into, on the spot, in that time and place. (Even on an island, the conversations began… which, of course, is part of the journey.)

S P A C E | Pangkor Island, ‘Two Pisces’

This very special zine’s  title is ‘Two Pisces’. It’s very personal, and also, because of that, super exclusive, this time. It’s by Dipika Kohli. DK are sharing this zine *only* with weekly subscribers of our eZine S P A C E. Learn more..

It’s the second in the new Spring 2019 collection of zines made in a co-created fashion, most of the time, with people we are discovering on the road. Each issue is always informed by real life, real time conversations happening at the places where we go, with the people we discover, who are ready to share a little bit at a time (surprising things come of this) when we show up for the listening, and being there, and paying attention. Together. When it’s good, there’ s a magic moment, sometimes called ‘an aesthetic moment.’ This is the good stuff. Some of the most important gleanings  from our Malaysia conversaitons (six months, altogether, in 2017-18) are woven into this particular issue of S P A C E, too.

SPRING 2019. This current set of 12 zines being made at the moment thanks to crowdfunding support in S P A C E is called  ‘The Book of New Things.’ Learn more and subscribe at our crowdfunding page, and how you can be a part of ongoing international asynchronous conversations both in real life and in our online forums, too. Discover it. Take a chance. And maybe go somewhere you never would have expected.