Updated: 6 July 2020

A very different kind of journey..

It has been about twenty years now, so far, since DK got loosely started, then became a legal entity… and it has been a full-time project for the founders since 2014. Now we know what it is we do and we’re ready to keep doing it, for the right people in the right places at the right times. That’s all it is, right? Timing, and the thing that’s needed. In this era, at this point, I think it’s this: quality.

Quality inspiration, quality leadership, and quality thinking. These are important.

We make S P A C E to find out about how to get better at things like that.


We talk. Together. In S P A C E. Regularly; so that we can get to know things, and ideas, and feel our way towards the next. As a group, it’s starting to feel like a ‘thinking club.’ I like that. A lot. It’s where we began, after all, when we started out, all that time ago, in college. Asking questions, seeing what we could discover. Practicing things, playing a lot, exploring and experimenting to find out if it worked, or didn’t. (Mostly, it didn’t. Some things, though, really took off.)

S P A C E quests S P A C E.  I love real time synchronous conversations that allow space for modulating tones, and spaces, silences, and also that thing that is so wonderful but we hear very seldom now in public spaces: laughter. This space we make, together, is highly curated, self-selecting, and designed for relating, and beautifully, through progressions and over time. Also, it is for the very curious. Lately we have moved online. Like, 99%.

So we have guests in zoom calls, here and there, when there is enough interest in a topic. Topics come up in our membership circles, in online conversations that, given the time we are in, we’re doing now instead of real life. But that means the possibility of interlinking our international network, and it’s nice to do it this way, too.

So here we are, now, at the beginning of a new journey in S P A C E. Mini-teleconferences. Real time conversation. In the cloud.

Next opportunities..

For these, see our crowdfunding page.