S P A C E | Purpose, appreciation, finds

I like this example of a ‘purpose’ over at this post on a blog called ‘HappierHuman.’

19. Appreciating the World Around Me

“I will embrace nature and all of its wonders. I will take the time to enjoy what cannot be bought and sold, but what gives us its beauty and utility every second of every day, unconditionally. I will appreciate the small things, and do my part to preserve the natural reserves that make life possible.”


What a lovely note of awareness that sometimes, the best things to ‘aim’ for and find meaning in are not where we may have imagined. Finding the small joys in the everyday, if you can, despite everything hard, makes it easier to move forward from difficult places. So they say. ‘They’ being people who tell us that joy is in the burst of feeling this amazement and that happiness is the sum of our experiences over time that tell us if we feel satisfied with how we’re living it.

Where or how do you find purpose?

How does it work for you?

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