‘So, like, what was on it.’


‘My files, huh. All of my files. Oh, man. The templates. For the zines. And the posters. For the zines… Oooh.’


‘Did you make a backup?’

*sheepishly* ‘Of my profile. Yeah.’



‘I know I should have made some backups. But wow. All of that stuff? Gone?’

‘Yes… Sorry.’

‘I guess I’ll have to use my cracked iPad and keyboard without the little bit in it to keep the batteries in because I lost it on T’s boat, he was there, it was funny, I had to suddenly go to the airport and stuff because I got the day wrong, one day earlier, was the real day, and you told me that, and we were talking remember and there was a lot of food I forgot to clean up really and then time was short and you know how hard it is trying to find a little round metal thingy on a boat? It’s hard.’

‘You can get a new keyboard.’

‘No, I kind of like this. Foil works. And K. cleaned it off rather nicely, with that damp cloth that you got annoyed about.’

‘Do you want to buy some more stuff? Like a computer or laptop or something?’

‘No, no. Too expensive and heavy. Maybe I’ll just get a job at some design studio. And use their InDesign to lay out my zines, when I’m not working or something. Or maybe there’s an Internet cafe with the software, fast wifi, fast processor, air conditioning. Then again, those Internet cafes in Malaysia were kind of hit and miss. I didn’t enjoy the gambling and porn. And kids. So many kids.’

‘So you can buy a computer?’




‘You can raise funds. You know that.’

‘How? Ask people to pay for my computer so I can lay out zines that are made with other people I don’t know in small circles, at cities I haven’t been to before, or yet, and discovered stories on the ground, about, and co-created mini-zines in 8-page folded A4?’


‘That sounds pretty good, actually.’

‘Yeah!┬áDo it.’

‘Guess I could try. It’s a lot further along than when we left the United States, isn’t it? When it was like, We wanna go around the world making dialogue round tables!’

‘Even though…’

‘Even though that’s exactly what we did.’


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