Checked out a couple of venues over the last few days. Looking for something that would work well for the guests whom I have met, in person now, by running into them. Looking for the chance encounter is tough, though, and today I’m going to just lay low. Write some things. Reflect on this trip to Hanoi (almost two months). And see if I can share what I have discovered about ‘narrative,’ about the lenses we use to look at things, and maybe tell you some more, too, about the programme I am designing for Tuesday’s ‘N’. More on the way.

I’m sharing the exact location of ‘N’ only with people who are registering… So if you are curious, do get in touch.

At the time of this writing, 11 people have said ‘yes,’ and we are moving to registration. And I’m passing on the twenty something unclaimed invites, in the hope of gathering 16 of us, no more, no fewer, for 16N.

Who’s coming? Surprise.

Where will it be? Also a secret.

What will happen? That, yes. That I can share.

The programme for ‘N’ Hanoi: NARRATIVE, up next.


One of 4 venues I scoped in search of a spot for ‘N’ was the low-key cafe, 3.NHU. Best for the afternoon, I think. So not it, as ‘N’ is in the eve.