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Here is a page where we’ve spelled out Design Kompany’s current set of offerings.

I write about design, branding and the value of these things as they apply to communications. In my work with clients, who are typically owners of small businesess, by and large, I outline, step by step, what will happen and how it will affect the process of transitioning, as we start the on-boarding process towards coming up with a fresh new ‘look and feel’ that is not just attractive, but which stands for something: you.

What this process is not, I’ve come to understand, is as important to articulate as what it is. (What it is about is engaging with you and your closest circle for marketing design and ultimately working together to shape an attractive, compelling set of images and texts. These should, as a set, say what you want to say to whom you want to say it. This is messaging.)

But what it is not is a quick fix or a magic bullet. Design, done well, means strategizing and clarifying a big picture before tackling the pieces that help you build towards getting there. This big-picture work is, we feel, what brand strategy can help with. I am not going to pretend I know everything about this, but if you’re a SME owner, you’ve been through some ups and downs and maybe would benefit from a chance to talk those over with us. We’ve heard many, many stories of change, transition, and rebranding that aims to accomplish something. Usually, it’s: more sales.

I know. Design doesn’t automatically lead to sales. But design done well builds trust. Trust over time is gold. I think in this economy of attention, it’s especially true. Who trusts you? Why? Why do your people work for you?

The more clear you can be (and this is an iterative process, not a once-and-done) about your value to those who buy from you, the more simple it will be to message your value proposition. ‘Benefits not features’ is a common mantra, when it comes to doing this well. Talk about what people get.

Clarity. Creative collaboration. Insight. Expertise from you. The way you do things. The approach you take. The years of experience. What you’ve learned from working on other people’s related projects. Professional service providers have a lot to offer, but the question is, to whom, and why do they care.

‘What is this and how will it make my life better?’

That’s what people want to know.

There are ways to figure out how to do that and DK’s processes are tailor-made to help you get there.

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Or, in person, if you are in Phnom Penh, or Ho Chi Minh City, and want to meet and talk, we can. I’d like to hear about your potential project(s) in corporate communications, such as creating an annual report or putting together a campaign that will tell a story to your constituents and audience, let’s talk about it.


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