Spark creative thinking.

Gaining alignment starts with talking: for real.

Design Kompany creates a safe space for you and your team to make time to listen to each other and get to understand what motivates, what inspires, and what counts.

Authentic brand messaging starts from here. Use DK’s workshops to jump-start your own marketing and team-building efforts, in-house. For leaders, you can make this a part of your ongoing efforts to clarify what it is you really care about and how you want to make your next moves.

DK’s style of facilitation is designed to achieve a moment of breakthrough. For you. For your team and you. To learn, grow, and put into place practices by which you can shift to a new place that’s better. Based on the insights that you find out from conversations, meetings, informal and formal, to delve in to the ‘why’ of your group’s goals and your personal vision(s).


[updated May 2023]

DK’s current offers are:

  • Brand Identity Design** is DK’s classic brand design package. Past work is here.
  • Desktop Publishing for newspapers (remote) and for English-language editing projects in Southeast Asia.
  • Custom Graphic Design** for solopreneurs and businesses of 15 or fewer people.
  • Atelier S P A C E co-creation of the mini-magazine S P A C E. Be a part of an international conversation. Here’s how.

*Get in touch and start a conversation.

**Note: This works best if you have been in operation for five or more years.



S P A C E is a weekly mini-magazine. It’s made by Atelier S P A C E, an ever-changing cast of characters who opt-in for a week or more to connect and co-create. Meaningfully, not superficially.


Design Kompany’s first office in Seattle. Popup photo show with Counting Stars Photography in Capitol Hill, Seattle, 2006