‘Focus on your reader’

‘Digital Deepak’ says that you need to do this, if you want to write content that people will want to read.
Here is the full article: https://digitaldeepak.com/create-content-people-want-to-read/

This is the part that caught my eye:

‘Focus on your reader… But how to do that?

‘1. Stop writing for everyone. You cannot please everyone and don’t even try to do that.

‘2. Pick your audience. You need to know who are you writing for. What do they want to accomplish? Why do they browse? What are they looking for?

‘3. Now think – how can you or your expertise help them? What’s the content you can create that can help them? And remember, your content should do any of the three – educate or entertain or inspire if it doesn’t it will fail.

‘4. Before you write a blog post or a social media post or record a video or a podcast without having answers to the following questions:

  • Why are you creating the content? Is it to attract an audience or convert them into leads and customers? Define your goals clearly.
  • What will the content do? Is it going to educate or entertain or inspire the audience? The answer to the previous question will lead you to answer this one.
  • What’s the one thing people will take away from the content? For example, the one thing you’ll learn from this blog post is how to create content which your audience will want to read. I talk about this in detail in this blog post.

‘… Focus on the reader first.’

Very true.

I will add to this by saying that having audience profiles is a great way to think about the reader you want to write to, specifically. Some groups have more than one audience, so it’s important to recognize where you want to engage with which groups, and be able to talk to them in the ways that they feel that they can relate to you.