Atelier S P A C E || Singapore


ATELIER S P A C E || Singapore
8-9 December, 2018

Our 2017 atelier was mentioned at: SingLit Station,  The A List and CityNomads

‘What is this about?’

MAKE A ZINE. Something quick, but lasting, with world-traveling, genre-bending, art-design-literary conversationalists. In just three days, you will collaboratively make an 8-page zine out of what we share with each other, and thin air. Make the time to sit in a small group, reflect on your life, and hit on a cool new idea together. The emphasis here is on ‘new’ and ‘now.’ No creative person can do anything intriguing without others to connect with and ‘throw around ideas to see what’s interesting.’ The zine S P A C E || Singapore, to be launched at the end of the weekend, will become part of a global conversation over the next two years, 20 cities worldwide. (What is a zine? See Wikipedia page about zines.)

Atelier S P A C E is an invitation to try something different. It’s about discovery.

‘What will happen?’

‘The State of Publishing,’ co-hosted by DK x Mercury Studio (Durham NC USA)

To gather contents, we will host guided conversation salons designed for diversity and intrigue. You’ll have time to explore ideas and share for feedback. You will be working in small groups to create a poem, an essay, a drawing, a photo, or other content to contribute to the mini-publication. DK will then turn the submissions into a typeset, printed zine and launch it with you on Sunday evening. You will take home a copy that you can share with your friends and family.

Open Space Technologies method is how this will happen. More about that method is here.

‘Who is this for?’

Are you interested in seeing your work in print? Are you OPEN to different possibilities of how that might happen? Would you like to be part of a global conversation about design, making, and ideas?

Just four people, from different backgrounds. Mixing things up is a big part of it, and we are asking 4 of the most intriguing, the most open, the most outer-space-exploring idea-makers to come forward, to play with us.

If you want to know more about how we want people to “try things,” questions are welcome, you can contact A. Spaice through the form here.

‘Why are you doing this?’

For fun. For learning. For play. For the sheer joy of making cool stuff with other people. Kind of like a jam session, but with scissors, paper, glue, words, art, illustration, photography, and… conversations. This last is the most important.  Design Kompany’s been working in brand identity (that is so 1990s, isn’t it? We think so, and so we’ve stopped), in journalism (which has a bad name now, right?), in design thinking consultation and human-centered design and lately, conversation salons. We believe that making a space to explore and design a great concept is paramount to doing anything that really means something.

‘Where? When?’

Atelier S P A C E is set to take place in Singapore, Saturday – Sunday, 8-9 December. This is an invite-only, limited-seat playtime. Venue details will be shared with registered guests *only*. Our meet point to kick off the opening reception will be at a secret location within the National Gallery.

Apply below.



National Gallery 
The Opening Reception 
*Secret meetpoint*
You’ll meet your hosts, A. Spaice and Dipika Kohli of Design Kompany and Kismuth Books, and your fellow participating guests.



National Library
The Morning Announcements + The Workbook
Here we go. Take the time together in small groups, to explore ideas. Come up with something that you want to focus on for the 8-page zine. Writing, illustration, photography, collage, and other media are some of the areas you can choose from to focus on, to create your contribution to the mix. You’ll have the afternoon to work with your team to create a *draft.*

The Malaysian Council
The Evening News 
*Secret meetpoint*
Let’s reconvene. What did you come up with? Share your work for the day, and get feedback from the other teams. Then, we select a concept: what is the theme of this collection? What is the single idea, unified and connective, that all of us are putting forward? This is the big work. This is ‘N+1’ work, to us. Emergence. Tapping into the ambient wisdom in real life between us. Offline, here, now. Magic! We find no design or writing to be truly engaging unless somewhere, someone experienced this kind of a jam. (Enter dada. Exit Surrealists.) Let’s do it. Next, with the unifying concept, we’ll keep certain pieces, let others go, and rework the in-between. This Atelier S P A C E evening circle closes with this major milestone, a mini-reflection with participating guests only.

‘What is the experience like?’

See pictures from our Atelier S P A C E projects in Finland and Malaysia.


‘I’m in. What do I do now?’

To confirm your spot, be sure to book your ticket. We’re taking advance bookings only. Just 8 people for the Atelier S P A C E programme in Singapore, so early booking is advised. Very limited seats. Ages 18+.

Book here:



We’ll meet here. Just 4 of us for the atelier, so it’ll be cozy and relaxed.