One of our regular sections in S P C is ‘Snippets.’

In which we quickly share some of the light, fast-read pieces that pique our curiosity. (With occasional comments from DK thrown in for good measure, of course).

These bits are gleaned from what we find, reading and discovering, on the internet, or through books at libraries, hanging around in real life and talking curiously with those we find, wherever we are, in other words, anecdotal stuff: what other people tell us.

I’ve been working with some new designers, behind the scenes here at DK, to brainstorm and draft our S P C | Spring 2020’s sequence of zines, themed on the idea, ‘Design + Discovery’.

Teams share their ideas and we figure out what works, stylistically, and as a curation, for each issue. Together the set will explore, with expert Q&A interviews and researched articles, quite a few pieces on innovation, design, discovery and experiential learning.

Today, we share a handful of notes, to give you a feel for what S P C is about.


‘Imagine 2030’

Found an article that paints a scenario for what life would be like in Japan in ten years. ‘What is necessary now, it says, ‘is to imagine the world of 2030.

‘Think about what kinds of challenges people will face and what kind of solutions we can offer in the future. Manga robot character Doraemon created lots of excitement for children by bringing many future inventions to help his friend Nobita solve various problems.

‘As Doraemon and the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” show, problem solving can also lead to creativity and innovation.’ [Emphasis by editors].

Read the full story in the Japan Times here.


‘How do I write a book this year?’

‘Obviously a modicum of talent, some really good ideas and a vivid imagination are all wonderful things. But basically 90 percent of it is just sheer hard slog. —Jacqueline Wilson, quoted in a story on the BBC’s site called ‘How to Write that book in 2020′.

‘What’s the difference between Discovery, Invention and Innovation?’

In response to the above question which was posted on Quora here., Hradesh Ullal, B.E. from B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering puts it like this:

  • “Discovery” is the process or act of finding something unexpectedly or during a search.