S P C | 2020

Dipika Kohli

Editorial Director

Nils don Sihvola
Contributing Art Director

Nicki Duncan
S P C | Melbourne, ‘Festival of the Photocopier Special Edition’

Jas Plac
Outreach & Communications




‘They say you overestimate what you can do in one year, but underestimate what you can do in five. This is Year 3, starting now. Let’s see what happens next.’

Currently DK are at work on Winter 2019-20, ‘Project Epicurus.’

The completed set of work so far, we feel, is pretty neat.

After all, these are documentations of moments of human connection, made, often, on the spot and on the road. The point is the going and seeing. The zines tell the story of what happens, when you do. It takes lots of care, attention, even emotional investment to do this work well. And time, of course. Which never comes back. But we’re going to keep on keepin’ on, because, each trip reveals… another door, and behind that, another journey can begin. Back in 2006 when we first set up this blog, the tagline for DK was, ‘Anything is possible.’

It still is.

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Use the form here to say ‘hi’, or join our community when you subscribe [$] to our e-mag at this crowdfunding page. More from there. —-DK, Phnom Penh 2020




Design Kompany, or ‘DK’, was founded by Dipika Kohli and Akira Morita in Seattle in 2006.
Our research and development director is A. Spaice.