The Quest

We began producing a weekly e-mag in 2017. The idea was to discover people in places where we were, and write the stories they shared in short stories interspersed with tidbits and gleanings from readings, or photography, or graphic art. Choosing to explore the medium, we spent the time simply testing out ways of communicating ideas through this digital medium. Over time, a core team of frequent collaborators behind the scenes got to know what works and what doesn’t for us and for our readers. In 2020 we have a crisp laser focus. DK are now writing specifically on how to find new ways to approach old problemsThe idea is to explore design and discovery. The creative process, expert interviews, and learning how to learn are our themes. How did this become our beat? ✨ ‘Living it.’

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We have an ever-changing cast of contributors, collaborators and co-creators. Best way to begin is to join our international virtual community S P A C E. To do this, subscribe [$] to our e-mag. Membership is free with a subscription, and we occasionally send invitations to those interested in hearing about it how to become part of our 2020 creative team.

 ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’ ✨

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