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CAFE ONNI. A popup installation on International Zine Day, 2018, in northern Finland. Special thanks to Eveliina Karsikas of Cafe Onni, for  co-hosting Atelier S P A C E | Kärsämäki.


OULU ARTS NIGHT. ‘Hei Kesä’ poopup art installation x zinemaking atelier at Kahvila Toukio in Oulu with Oulu Arts Night, 16 August 2018. This was a great collaboration that wouldn’t have been possible without the effort and trust that people gave DK to make it happen. Big thanks to: Paavo Heinonen for including DK in the programme and inviting us to some great literary and music events in Oulu; to Anu Lakkapää of Kahvila Tuokio for sharing the venue with us.


AIR FROSTERUS. DK and friends at Arts & Letters Society Finland put together an impromptu zine show. DK’s Dipika Kohli was part in the Air FROSTERUS artist residency from June-August, 2018. During that time, this was the first and last popup installation, with teas and zines, that happened over an afternoon of music in the world-famous architectural icon, Paanukirkko, or ‘Shingle Church.’ Special thanks to AIR FROSTERUS in Kärsämäki.

K I I T O S !


  1. What a really pretty set of pictures and creations!
    It inspires some kind of nordic peace, just looking at it.
    Congratulations for the great work!

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