F O R T H C O M I N G  P U B L I C A T I O N S
A U T U M N  2 0 1 8


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Alexis Jokela‘s ‘Kesärakkausjuttu‘, or ‘A Summer Love Story,’ is a Finnish and English work of creative nonfiction. Made at Atelier S P A C E || Kärsämäki through programmes of Atelier S P A C E from June-August, 2018. Stories of summer, stories of endings, stories of love, stories of beginnings. All told directly in an honest sharing through Alexis’ unique perspective on a city north of his own, in Finland, exploring and curious. The lead story is ‘Katsotaan pas sitten,’ or, ‘Let’s see, then.’


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The new book, Koivu, is a personal essay, poetry set, and photo collection created by Dipika Kohli around a new muse, the Birch tree. The set is based on her firsthand experiences and new works made in Finland June-August, 2018. Dipika is an author and artist. She was an editor for newspapers in southwest Ireland and in Seattle, WA USA. Dipika was a speaker at TEDx (watch) and a guest author interviewed live on NPR (listen).

S P A C E || Finland

DK 2018 | Finland

If you like printed, limited editing zines, this is the offer for you. DK are posting out zines from the summer set, S P A C E || Finland. Choose how many you’d like, and DK will send them via postal mail to addresses around the world. Very limited editions of 1, 3, and 5. Details are here.



E V E N T S  H O S T E D B Y  D K ‘ S
A T E L I E R  S P A C E || F I N L A N D
S U M M E R 2 0 1 8

With Cafe Onni

MAKE, TAKE and CAKE. ‘Hei Kesä’ poopup art installation x zinemaking atelier at Eveliina Karsikas’ Cafe Onni in Kärsämäki, 21 July 2018. If you’re ever driving on National Road 4 and passing through Kärsämäki, which you’ll have to do, stop by, say hi to her, and check out DK’s art piece that she asked us to make especially for the space. Be sure to give Eveliina a high-five from DK.
A popup installation on International Zine Day, 2018, in northern Finland.

With Kahvila Tuokio

‘Hei Kesä’ poopup art installation x zinemaking atelier at Kahvila Toukio in Oulu with Oulu Arts Night, 16 August 2018. This was a great collaboration that wouldn’t have been possible without the effort and trust that people gave DK to make it happen. Big thanks to: Paavo Heinonen for including DK in the programme and inviting us to some great literary and music events in Oulu; to Anu Lakkapää of Kahvila Tuokio for sharing the venue with us.



With Arts & Letters Society Finland

IMPROVISING. DK and friend at Arts & Letters Society Finland put together an impromptu zine show. DK’s Dipika Kohli was part in the Air FROSTERUS artist residency from June-August, 2018. During that time, this was the first and last popup installation, with teas and zines, that happened over an afternoon of music in the world-famous architectural icon, Paanukirkko, or ‘Shingle Church.’ Special thanks to Iiris for inviting Dipika to Air FROSTERUS in Kärsämäki.



A B O U T  A T E L I E R  S P A C E

Discover the collection, S P A C E, at http://designkompany.com/space-the-zine. More about Atelier S P A C E is here. Next stops are under our ‘upcomings.’

Curious? More about DK and our work to make Z I N E S, so as to connect and interconnect new and different others, is here.