Making S P A C E

Zines! Creative nonfiction pieces set in: Sheffield, Penang // Zines by DK, 2017-18


The Book of Slow Moment // DK 2018

S H O P   D K’S   Z I N E S


Popup art installations in N. Europe and Southeast Asia are where you can find S P A C E. Keep up with DK’s upcomings >

‘What is DK doing now?’

Thanks for stopping by. We’re publishing. We’re co-publishing, that is. We’re helping you discover stories, of you, but also of you in the context of where you are now. This is very much a space in which you can learn, discover, connect with people in our International online community and find out things that you might not have otherwise have ever thought about before.

Our interests are new literary approaches, styles, poetry of a very different style to what we’ve been taught in 11th grade Brit Lit, but also, experimental drawing and photography, and writing of course. We’re curious. And we’re interested in other people who are curious and making things in curious new ways. We’re publishing small anthologies, periodically, too. Meantime, we have a weekly eZine, S P A C E, that’s been gathering perspectives and sharing them out, one conversation at a time, since early 2014.

If you’re interested din sharing more, drop us a line? We’ve come al long way since Seattle in 2004 when we had the brick-and-mortar office in Capitol Hill and designed brand identities for the likes of Capitol Hill Chamber, Seattle NW Asian Weekly and the Baltic Room. Those are ones you can see, if you’re there. There are so many wonderful people whom we got to meet and work for: clients in architecture, software, and design, of course, too. We became, intriguingly, the ‘designer’s designer,’ and got known a little for our way of talking together that invited new thinking, new perspective, and remarkable concept development process. This is big. In fact, this is the crux of DK: finding a smart, cohesive, unique, distinct, and most importantly, genuine, concept. We’re still doing that, but in a different form. Since taking to the road in 2013, and landing in Phnom Penh Cambodia in 2014 (still here!), we have moved into other things: mostly conversation space-design. And what comes out of that is the gel that sets the tone for the magic moment, a moment of discovery and connexion that, voila, gives us the concept for each new issue of our publication, S P A C E. Who wants to do this with us? There are lots of ways to get involved.

S H O P   D K’S   Z I N E S


Akira Morita and Dipika Kohli founded DK in 2006 in Seattle. Journalism, architecture, graphic design, and tourism management inspire their approach to making. Today, their consulting work in design thinking and innovation strategy is based mostly in Southeast Asia.  // Photo by BOSS, Kuala Lumpur 2018

‘Tell me more about S P A C E?’

Jazz, improvisation, innovation in business. Creative thinking. Zinery and creative nonfiction; the literary arts. Are you there? Can you feel this resonating? DK aren’t interested in short snippets that say nothing of meaning, of substance. We don’t understand advertising or clickbait or how to design amazing websites so people follow the links you want and do the things you want. What we want is nothing short of human connexion: honest, clear, and without agenda. ‘Why do you do this, DK?’ See our founder, Dipika Kohli‘s, personal website to get an idea about that. In sum, DK are making S P A C E in real life, like at N, and through our online programmes, so that we can all, together, discover ‘the good stuff.’ Which is right here, right where we are, when we find remarkable human connexion. Together with you, in true collaboration, we are designing salons, ateliers and, our interactive magazine S P A C E each weekIdealistic, perhaps, but we are looking for the beauty that is in the world, nested in the everyday, if only we can frame a space to note it.

People and place. Hyperlocal narratives. Design, ideation, iteration and practice.

‘Why’s it called S P A C E?’

DK’s design team studied architecture, graphic design, and tourism. DK hosted people in real life conversation installations in Seattle and Durham NC and then, later, in popups in Southeast Asia. We learned that it’s not the content, nor the people, who make the thing great. It’s the design of a very specific kind of space, ie S P A C E. When you name a thing, it has a weight. Knowing what the characteristics of that Named Thing are is important; you can design for it if you know what it is you’re going for. That’s the whole thing about concept design: you have to know what you’re going for before you can make sure that you’re measuring for what you want, long story, but yeah. Our strategy consultant in Seattle was like, ‘You want to optimize for a freedom of lifestyle that lets you live your days the way you want and do the things you want, with people you like to talk to?’ Us: ‘Yes.’ Him: ‘That’s very different from the usual bottom-line metric.’ Us: ‘Of course! But that’s DK.’ And the team smiled, all around the conference table. Realizing, in that instance, we had to switch from conference table meetings in board rooms to round ones in cafes. That was 2006. The rest is history. DK’s been freelancing, full-time, as partners Akira Morita and Dipika Kohli continue to develop sidelines with new and different others for the same goal: to make space, ie S P A C E, for such people to find remarkable connexion and interconnexion.

DK wants to optimize for human connexion that’s quality, that lasts, that goes places, and that develops into something that you can learn from by participating in it as well as have a chance to share what you don’t even know you know. Ask us more. Or try something. It’s fun, light, conversational, asynchronous, and freshly budding.


Make a space and find the muse

Zining in Finland, Summer 2018 >

S P A C E BEGAN AS A CONVERSATION SALON. A giant one. International, partly real life and sometimes online. Asynchronous or in the moment, often in short bursts. It’s still evolving. It’s a design approach for how we create rooms for great dialogue. They can extend beyond the timeframe of that moment of connection, into the more personal rooms or even esoteric space for philosophy, for sharing into the direction that invites opening up. Curious people like this. The ready-to-try. Ready to say ‘yes,’ and see what might happen. Because the more S P A C E we can make that invites new and different others to inter-connect, the better we’ll able to discover great concepts for our own inspiration, here in our design studio, and that’s how this idea got born. Could we do it, though? Could we connect people from around the world, in online and offline conversations, salons, forums, and the occasional playspace that is ‘design thinking’ work, with clients, and small teams? Could we? We weren’t sure, when we set out to start this journey into uncertainty… but here we are, three years later, in Phnom Penh (via Gangtok, Amritsar, Kathmandu, Seattle)… There’s lot more work, though, and a long road ahead. Still, we’re on for it. We’re gonna do it. Design and make S P A C E. For people to meet. To learn. To try new things. To inter-relate. What other thing could there be now, but to try it?

S H O P   D K’S   Z I N E S


‘Can I publish with DK?’

If you’re a member, perhaps you can. Let’s develop something. You’ll get to concept an idea with us in these online spaces. And meet others. And maybe get to a place with your work that you had no idea you could. This is for people who are interested in long-term relationships, committed to the practicing part of writing, and who are excited about the opportunity to work with an internationally curious, co-publishing team of thoughtful people interested in philosophy, art, aesthetics, literature, design, music, and the new. Mostly, the new. Are you ready to meet some of us? We do popup installations here and there sometimes, around mostly Southeast Asia and Northern Europe for now, in real life. Connect with us to find out what’s happening. Check the boxes that are right for you, and discover, at this page on how to join S P A C E.


Become a part of the conversation. Meet us in the up.