Sponsorship for Atelier S P A C E

Open a door to the world

DO YOU CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, PLACES, and the free exchange of ideas between people who come from very different classes, customs, and segments of society? Do you, as we do, want to see more and better space for dialogue, the kind with a center, and not sides? Then we invite you to become a sponsor for the Atelier S P A C E programme, which discovers people and places and packs hyperlocal narratives into co-created, 8-page zines. On the spot, together, in real life. Through design and the clear stage-setting for an open circle that will invite new views, new sharing, and new perspectives, we can create space that is inclusive, welcoming, inviting, and respectful. Making something together is a way to remind us how to play, how to let go of our biases and the things we were told about others, so that we can relax, enjoy, engage, and learn. From experience. S P A C E is the box. Play happens inside. The outcomes are shared learnings and the co-created mini-publication that stands for a group of people, no more than 8 per session, coming together and co-creating, on the spot, in a style not unlike bricolage. Design Kompany facilitates, invites, and gathers people for these kinds of open circles, choosing and curating a guestlist that provides a good mix. More about Design Kompany is here.

How to become a sponsor?

Make a one-time donation though this page. Or subscribe to our weekly eZine and join our community, S P A C E.