S P A C E || Fresh starts



Of a new chapter.

In which __ might happen. Or not.

Other things that you don’t expect to happen might fall into place of __. Which means, that when we start designing these new beginnings, that we have to be open to the possibility of something New informing a kind of veer from __.

(Mind you, it’s okay to have __. Plans are fine. We all like structure. Human brains do. That is what I learned today from a fascinating and short conversation with someone who has just shown up here to do __ and wound up doing __, and that is fascinating, and we talked at length, but in a compact sort of density of length, not in a long time frame, about many topics that wandered and began to help me reframe the conversation that I am having with myself. About various.)

__ IS WHAT’S NEXT. Time, space, the discoveries, the serendipitous encounters that lead to beginnings, breakthroughs, newness, and __. That’s good, for me. The more__ that we can break up into __, or maybe __, and potentially ______________ (________________), then there might become into being _______! Or ___________. You don’t have to over define it. It can go where it does, as it will, and how. That is the beauty of the New.

We have to let it happen to us, in the space that emerges when we walk towards the next.

Can you dig it?

Comments open for a bit. This is part of the series 100c, which is about real life conversations happening in real time. It’s sponsored by members of S P A C E.